Don't Want Cash for Your Clunker?

Auto Restoration in Middletown & Goshen, NY

What if you could cruise along the streets of Middletown and Goshen, NY in the vehicle you used to drive when you were young? It may be a piece of junk now, but if you want to relive the old days in a car that holds a lot of memories, Gailie Collision has the services you need to get it back on the road. We can restore your classic or your clunker to its original glory and modify it so you can take it for a nostalgic spin down memory lane.

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4 reasons to restore your old ride

There are plenty of great reasons to get your old car back on the road. Consider restoring your classic to:

  1. Drive a small piece of history
  2. Make your trusty old car drivable again
  3. Have a vehicle that stands out from the others on the road
  4. Reuse a used car instead of purchasing a new one

Choose Gailie Collision today to restore your classic or your clunker!